The establishment of National Ecological Day has profound significance

The third meeting of the 14th National People’s Congress Standing Committee voted on the 28th to establish August 15th as National Ecological Day.


Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, there have been historic, transitional, and global changes in China’s ecological environment protection, and achievements in ecological civilization construction have attracted worldwide attention. China is the first country to propose and implement the ecological protection red line system, promoting the construction of the world’s largest national park system. In the past decade, one quarter of the global increase in forest area comes from China; The installed capacity of renewable energy represented by hydropower, wind power and photovoltaic power generation in China ranks first in the world, and the installed capacity of offshore wind power ranks first in the world. The new energy automobile industry is becoming a new card of Chinese manufacturing… Practice has proved that green water and green mountains are not only Natural capital, ecological wealth, but also social wealth and economic wealth. The National Ecological Day will better arouse our sense of achievement and pride in building a beautiful China.


The true essence of ecological civilization is to take it with moderation and use it with restraint. We should advocate a simple, moderate, green, and low-carbon lifestyle, reject luxury and waste, and form a civilized and healthy lifestyle. The construction of a beautiful China is for the people, and the construction of a beautiful China relies on the people. The people are the main body of the construction of a beautiful China. We need to enhance our ideological and action awareness in ecological environment protection, work hard for a long time, continue to make efforts, and persistently promote the construction of ecological civilization to continuously achieve new results. National Ecological Day will better awaken our sense of responsibility and mission in building a beautiful China.


A man cannot bear the burden of the green mountain, and the green mountain will never bear the burden of others. We need to have a deep understanding of the Chinese wisdom it embodies. The Chinese nation has always respected and loved nature, and the 5000 year long Chinese civilization has nurtured a rich ecological culture. From the natural view of “Unity of Heaven and humanity in One, All Things in One”, “All Things Get Their Own and Live, Each Get Their Own”, to the life care of “People’s Wife and Things”, we should inherit and develop, provide cultural support and theoretical nourishment for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation, and at the same time, provide Chinese programs for the joint construction of the earth life community and the promotion of sustainable development of mankind.

Post time: Jun-30-2023