SDS036 High Range Industrial

Short Description:

SDS036is a large range industrial dust sensor core based on the principle of laser scattering, can measure the TSP mass concentration, based on the innovative gas path and structural design, mainly used in high pollution, high concentration monitoring occasions, through the standard RS485 interface real-time transmission to a variety of intelligent terminals including computers, on-sitemeasurement and remote monitoring.

Product Detail

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Functional Characteristics

1. Intake flow rate:3.1L/min,Fan.

2. Accurate operation:All industrial devices.

3. Reliable operation: Designed for high concentration environment, strong.

4. anti-pollution abilityEasy integration: small size, standard communication.

5. protocol, convenient integration.

Scope of Application

Coal mines, flour mills, mines, cement plants, power plants, construction sites, workshops and other high pollution scenes.

Situational Application

SDS036  High Range Industrial1

Technical Parameter

SDS036  High Range Industrial2

Product Specification

SDS036  High Range Industrial3

Guidance on the optimal installation method of equipment

In general atmospheric environment, the optimal installation method of the equipment is shown in the figure below.

SDS036  High Range Industrial4

Detailed List of Equipment and Accessories

NO. Name Quantity Remark
1 the host 1  
2 Anti-fluff tube 1 Chassis integration optionalWith hose connector
3 data line 1 For debugging, only provided when purchasingthe prototype
4 TTL to USB module 1

Equipment Scrapped

Waste electrical and electronic products should meet the national requirements for comprehensive utilization of resources, environmental protection, labor safety, and protection of human health. It is recommended that they be handed over to processors with qualifications for recycling electrical and electronic products.

Application Scenario

● medical hygiene

● Plant boundary discharge

● laboratory

● Micro air station

● Dust monitoring

● Clean workshop


Company Profile

As a technology company, Nova's primary focus is on the development and production of machines, tools, and equipment that help to solve the world's challenges. The company has a core team of experienced professionals from Shandong University, which helps Nova achieve its objectives


Nova is committed to a sustainable and green future. The company is passionate about environmental protection and energy-saving. Therefore, the company is dedicated to developing products that are eco-friendly and energy-saving. This philosophy has seen Nova develop a range of products, such as car engines, that are energy-saving and environmentally friendly.


 Nova has industry-university-research cooperation with Shandong University, Chinese Research Academy of Environmental Sciences, Beihang University and other universities, and has the ability to rapidly transform scientific and technological achievements. With more than 20 years of laser technology accumulation, the company has independently developed high-precision quad-core laser particle sensor, mobile vehicle atmosphere monitoring system and grid monitoring of atmospheric pollution system, etc., the technology is leading in China, and has applied for 32 international PTC patents and 49 domestic patents. 


The program of mobile vehicle atmosphere monitoring system run successfully in August 2017 and Jinan become the first city of atmospheric monitoring by taxi. At present, it has provided data services for 40+cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Qingdao, etc., realizing low-cost, high space-time resolution data monitoring, rapid positioning, and providing a spotless service for the city. 


Honors and Qualifications

Gazelle Enterprise
Specialization and innovation
High Enterprise Certificate
Occupational Health
Intellectual Property Management System
Environmental Management System
16949 Certificate

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