SDS198 Laser PM100 Sensor

Short Description:

The PM100 sensor, also known as total suspended particulate (TSP) sensor, using principle of laser scattering, can get the particle concentration between 1 to 100μm in the air. The SDS198 with digital output and built-in fan is stable and reliable.

Product Detail

Product Tags


1. Accurate and Reliable: laser detection, stable, goodconsistency;

2. Quick response: response time is less than 10 seconds when the scene changes;

3. Easy integration: UART output (or IO output can be customized), fan built-in;

4. High resolution: resolution of 1μg/m3;

5.Certification: products have passed CE/FCC/RoHS certification.

Scope of Application

TSP monitoring; Dust monitoring; Purification monitoring; Environmental monitoring of road, factory, mine, and construction site.

Working Principle

Using laser scattering principle:

Light scattering can be induced when particles go through the detecting area. The scattered light is transformed into electrical signals and these signals will be amplified and processed. The number and diameter of particles can be obtained by analysis because the signal waveform has certain relations with the particles diameter.

Technical Parameter

SDS198  Laser PM100 Sensor (1)
SDS198  Laser PM100 Sensor (2)

Extended Functionality

1.Manual hibernation(Sleep and wake up)

2.Timed hibernate(Cycle to work)

3.User ID setting

4.Set data reporting mode(Active report and query report)

5.Version number query

If you have any other requirements, please contact us.

Installation Size

SDS198  Laser PM100 Sensor (3)
SDS198  Laser PM100 Sensor (4)

4. Hose connection: optional. It can be connected with the hose of 6mm inner diameter and 8mm external diameter. The hose cannot be longer than 1m, the shorter the better. The hose must keep the air flowing.

 5. Prevent glare: the sensor has shading device inside, so it can work normally under the common light. You should pay attention to prevent the inlet, outlet from direct light. 6. Keep the inlet and outlet unobstructed.

Company Profile

 SHANDONG NOVA TECHNOLOGY Co.,Ltd. founded in 2011, and located in National University Science Park of Shandong University, No. 12918, South 2nd Ring Road, Shizhong District, Jinan. The core team is from Shandong University, National small giant enterprises, high-tech enterprises, software enterprises, Shandong specialized and special new enterprises, Shandong gazelle enterprises. 


 Nova insists on the enterprise concept of "ingenuity, creation, cooperation and efficiency", gives full play to the advantages of technological innovation and product research and development, is committed to the development of environmental protection equipment, software and cloud platform development and big data services, provides optimized solutions for environmental governance, and promotes the socialization of environmental protection, the automation of environmental monitoring, the informatization of environmental supervision, the digitalization of responsibility assessment, and the precision of environmental governance.


Nova prides itself on its robust and cutting-edge technology. The company has invested heavily in R&D, which is critical to its ability to develop advanced technology, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and big data technology. The company is, therefore, able to provide high-quality products and services that satisfy its customers' needs.The firm's customer base is diversified, and it includes small and medium-sized businesses, national and multinational corporations, and government institutions. Through its innovative and high-quality products, Nova has been able to carve a niche for itself in the market. Its commitment to customer satisfaction has seen the company win several business awards over the years.


The program of mobile vehicle atmosphere monitoring system run successfully in August 2017 and Jinan become the first city of atmospheric monitoring by taxi. At present, it has provided data services for 40+cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Xi'an, Taiyuan, Qingdao, etc., realizing low-cost, high space-time resolution data monitoring, rapid positioning, and providing a spotless service for the city. 


Honors and Qualifications

Gazelle Enterprise
Specialization and innovation
High Enterprise Certificate
Occupational Health
Intellectual Property Management System
Environmental Management System
16949 Certificate

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